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mbas (Managed Business Application Services) is the new generation business application that lets customers access business solutions over the network (typically Internet). mbas supersedes its predecessor SaaS by providing hosting facilities for both business and industry specific solutions.mbas frees the customer (the end user) from regressive organizational hurdles like daily maintenance, daily technical operations, recurring and increasing IT cost and infrastructure, support of software/up gradation.

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What is mbas

mbas (Managed Business Application Services) is an application that delivers to the customers, to access the solution over the network(typically Internet) and frees the customer...

Why mbas

Several factors contribute to making mbas considerably less expensive to implement than a traditional deployment. In a traditional deployment one has to buy the licenses...

What Next

At mbas, we believe in constant innovation and improvement. Our commitment to customer satisfaction propels us to create products which are well ahead of their times...

Our Solutions


mbas Purchase Management helps managing purchase cycle by overcoming challenges in monitoring backlog purchase orders, ensures making GRN and invoicing.

Order Management

mbas Purchase Management helps managing purchase cycle by overcoming challenges in monitoring backlog purchase orders, ensures making GRN and invoicing.


mbas CRM ensures availability of 360⁰ view of customers right from recording information of lead, tracking the status of oppurtunity, conversion to pre-sales to sales

Attendance & Payroll

mbas Attendance & Payroll helps in tracking attendnace and leave for every employee. It helps in generating payroll for employees considering all income and deduction heads.

Human Capital Mgmt

mbas HCM solution helps organization to maintain records of employees with all required information. All the processes right from recruitment, training requirements to maintenance of skill matrix is taken care


mbas Financials is easy to operate solution maintains financial data for general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable up to date. Complex taxation requirement can be configured for easy


mbas Distribution solution is out of box, configurable and scalable solution adressess the challenge of improving operational efficiency of the organization. mbas Distribution stramlines the processes of


mbas SCM automates and stramlines business processes of procurement, sub-contracting, manufacturing and sales taking care of visibility of material movements right from raw material to conversion stages in

Our Industries


The microvertical offering is web-based, easy-to-use, integrated enterprise solution designed to suit all kinds of business. The microvertical specific solution helps in unrestrained flow of information between customers and vendors, thus easing the decision-making process and leveraging business opportunities at the right time. Today's business demands Organizations to be lean and mean. This makes Organizations to have a micro focus on adapting productive methods and efforts to eliminate non-productive activities deemed as waste. Adaptability needs resource optimizers as well as potent force multipliers with high flexibility.

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Our Products


mbas Industry Vertical Solutions offers unrestrained flow of information between different sectors like Trading, Retail, Manufacturing and Automotive. The new age mantra for organizations is to be lean and mean. mbas Industry Vertical Solutions lives by this mantra and facilitates seamless flow of information between customers and vendors thus enabling easy decision-making and leveraging business opportunities at the right time.


mbas Industry Trading & Distribution Solution helps to increase profits from the trading business.It provides you a complete insight into your business. Also assits you in the following business scenarios:

  • Helps in determining competitive prices for your products, while integrating the logistics and financial aspects
  • Enhances your operational productivity by providing you with accurate inventory data
  • Improves supply chain visibility through efficient planning on replenishments against customer demands and cross-business communications
  • Reduces costs by leveraging centralized purchasing & global sourcing capabilities
  • Enhances delivery capabilities, by implementing decentralized purchasing & capabilities to ship goods from vendor to customer


mbas Industry Manufacturing Solution is an integrated solution designed to suit your business needs. The mbas application assists you in the following core business areas:

  • Analyze, plan and meet customer demands
  • Optimize utilization of resources through proper production planning
  • Provide easy access to valuable business information
  • Faster decision making by integrating your operations and finances
  • Improves operational productivity by coordinating people, processes & technology

The functionalities guarantee that you have ample time and resources to focus on core business processes.


mbas Industry Retail Solution comes with dual benefits; it helps enterprises improve its inventory management and also improve their customer responsiveness. The solution facilitates in:

  • Easy sale, processing & execution
  • Back office integration for all sales transactions
  • Implementing the best point-of-sale, warehouse, distribution & inventory management practices
  • Enhancing transparency, control , agility, & information availability between departments


mbas Industry Automotive Solution is a holistic solution which spans across every business function in the automotive sector and supports each phase of the vehicle life cycle. The different functionalities supported are:

  • Analyze, plan & meet customer demands
  • Improve organization's service order management
  • Streamline the generation of Job Cards
  • Dispatch, completion and invoicing of job cards and track parts consumption
  • Provides easy access to up-to-date information about contract agreements, pricing, task prioritization, & the skills & workloads of service technicians.
  • Enhances operational productivity by coordinating people, process & technology

mbas Industry Automotive Solution is like your trusted employee who creates a more productive work environment with tighter control over spare parts inventories, costs workloads and task prioritization.


Our Services


  • Migration in Cloud

    Migrating to the cloud is a critical and often intimidating experience. While you are eager to take advantage of the opportunities the cloud provides, both resources and downtime tolerance are limited. Avoiding the pitfalls associated with cloud migration is essential to a fast, seamless, and secure transition.

  • Disaster Recovery Services in Cloud

    In today's world, it is important not only to protect your infrastructure, but also to meet the recovery time, recovery point, and cost expectations of the business. mbascloud provides backup and disaster recovery hosting services to protect your systems at an optimized level as per your needs.

    Historically, recovery solutions demand huge investments and have required companies to own multiple datacenters, employing highly technical support and maintenance staff. Recovery solutions typically consume about fifty percent of total IT budget to guarantee an always on infrastructure.

  • Data Security in Cloud

    Cloud computing solutions offer several benefits, most notably the scalable and flexible access to computing resources. However, the increased concentration of business data and computing power scales security risks as well, requiring special considerations and care from cloud providers.

  • Backup in Cloud

    In today's competitive market it is imperative for any enterprise to have a proper backup system in place. However there are few factors which usually get missed while taking backup, some of these are :

    • Backing up critical data frequently
    • Separating backup data from the source application
    • Adhering to regulatory compliances

    Apart from hardware failure sometimes even a human error is enough to trigger the backup operation. It is therefore essential to have a proper backup mechanism associated with the application. mbascloud backup solution offers a backup mechanism which is simple, secure and reliable.


Our Esteemed Partners


Our Channel Partner Program (CPP) ensures that the business aspirations of our Channel Partners (CPs) are taken care while we reach our business goals and objectives slowly but steadily. CPP ensures as a team we along with our CPs will fuel growth and create value for our global customers.

Our CPP will provide an opportunity to our CPs to learn from our experiences gained over the years and be exposed to various industry segments where we focus on. Our CPs can be rest assured that we will always back them up for a mutual WIN-WIN relation while delivering value to our Global customers. Our CPs will have an opportunity to interact with many professionals within the organization and also with our globally spread ecosystem.Our CPP will ensure that CPs receive the required support, which includes sales support, presales involvement, collaterals both in digital and print, assistance to plan the business, specific business opportunities, road shows, boot camps, online tools and technical support.

The CPP will help CPs who are highly committed, qualified, have the right framework, tools and resources are the best fit and can capitalize from this program. The program recognizes and rewards CPs not only for achieving successful sales but also for the robust performance, having shown the trait of sincerity and steadfast fixity of purpose to satisfy our customers.

  • Exposure to mbas customer base
  • Easy access to product, marketing, sales and other relevant information
  • Assistance from sales, presales and marketing throughout the entire sales lifecycle
  • Eligible to participate in mbas events
  • Access to a data of highly qualified business opportunities and leads
  • Quicker incentive realization cycle
  • Access to collaboration tool to monitor and track sales cycle, implementation cycle, invoicing and payments
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White Papers

At mbas, we believe that knowledge is power. To empower you with the power of knowledge we bring to you white papers on various processes specific to verticals like trading, retail, and manufacturing and automotive. Created by our panel of Industry experts these white papers with in-depth examples, provide detailed information



To equip you with terms, at your finger tips, we bring to you an exhaustive glossary of various items. View the alphabetical list of terms used in different verticals like trading, retail, manufacturing and automotive. The glossary also presents the meanings of various attributes and terms used in the application.

User Experience

At mbas, we want to offer you the best of products and services. As part of this philosophy we have adopted various new features to design our advanced user interface. Have a look at the novel features that we use to ensure a great user experience.


Visit our FAQs section for answers to your questions related to technical information, architectural issues, functional capability, troubleshooting and more.


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