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  Winning With Exensys Where Innovation Is Tradition
SEI CMMI Level 5 Process Compliance
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About Exensys 


Started in 2001, Exensys Software Solutions Ltd. (Exensys) delivers product development, business solutions and services with specialized knowledge, rich consulting expertise and proven delivery framework.  Exensys is headquartered in Hyderabad, the hub of India’s IT industry, operates with a development center, R & D centre and corporate office in Hyderabad, offices in India at Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai, an office in the U.S.A at Chicago and in the U.A.E at Dubai, regional offices in India at Kolkata, New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Trivandrum, compliant with ISO9001:2000 and CMMi Level 5 Process Compliance.  It has on board over 1200 + professionals spread across the global landscape.


A Leader in Enterprise Space, IT Consulting and Telecom Solutions


Serving many well established customers worldwide, Exensys is one of the best software organizations and software provider. Today, Exensys employs more than 1200 + employees in India and worldwide. Through its breadth of technical skills, depth of delivery capabilities, customer focus and onsite/offshore methodology, Exensys has emerged as a leader in  enterprise space, IT consulting and Telecom solutions and services. Exensys relentless focus on customer service and managing diversified portfolios has empowered teams to deliver the best industry solution to its Global customer. We have highly qualified professionals who have innovative thoughts and excel in their area of specialization. To ensure Exensys a well respected software provider for its quality, the combined business acumen and technical  savvy of the goal-oriented and results-driven leaders guide the company with strong technological vision and a complete understanding of strategic business needs of customers.




"Winning with Exensys where innovation is tradition."
"Trusted global name for business transformation, technology and consulting."
 Continuous learning 
Work Philosophy
 Perpetuate absolute integrity

  Be very transparent and demonstrate absolute integrity in all dealings and commitments.
 Pursue quality as a way of life

  Demonstrate that quality is the foundation for success not only in the business world but also

  in the world of human dynamics starting from the way we shake hands.

 Passion to innovate and design world-class solutions

  Think creatively to manage technological challenges and help design flexible and reliable

  solutions to address business challenges and exploit market opportunities.

 Perspective - local to global

  To look beyond the regional confines of the market by focusing on solutions that meet local

  and global market needs.

 Promise of delivering Complete Customer Contentment (3C)

  Be highly committed to provide deliverables in time.
 Pursue customer delight and retention

  Understand customers' current and future critical needs and provide best customer care to

  exceed their expectations. 

Logo Story
The Thought in Evolution of Exensys Logo.
The logo has been derived as a result of syncopation from the words “Extended Enterprise System”. The concept being that we would like to extend the organization beyond their physical boundaries to all the stakeholders – customers, partners, employees, shareholders, society and the government.
The logo is made up of six lower case letters with an elongated X. The blue dot in the center represents the organization and the four extensions from the dot represent the extension to all the stakeholders. The extensions are broad when they end, denoting that they are not narrowing but continuously extending.
The red arch on “eXensys” is the attention required to understand the term “Extended Enterprise System” denoting integration of the enterprise and all its systems under one roof (one technology platform, one architecture, one common structure). The arch starts with a narrow point and extends outwards broadening; emphasizing that all the systems in the enterprise can be integrated and extended without any boundaries.


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