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SEI CMMI Level 5 Process Compliance
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eXBIS ROLAP provides a wide range of robust analytical reports. The system allows configuring user-defined data marts called “Universes”. This system provides a greater flexibility to define specific reports for different hierarchies of an organization. eXBIS ROLAP generates both Structural and Analytical (Graphical) reports with multi-level drill-down details.


Business Features


   Anytime, anywhere, accessibility


   Role-based access


   Configurable Universe (Data Mart) definition


   Numerous slicing and dicing options


   On the fly report generation from existing reports


   Structural and Analytical (Graphical) reports with multilevel drill-down details


   Drill-down view on Charts


   Export facility of reports to standard formats, viz., MS Word, MS Excel, RTF, PDF, etc.


   Report Designing Language Component (RDLC) enabled facility on exported reports


   Advanced dynamic report scheduler


   Executive dashboard


   Separate security module


   Report drill down facility on the exported report file of MS Excel


   Report subscription services


   Functional modeling for different industry verticals


   Dashboard configurations


   Standard aggregating functions on the fly


   Dynamic grouping on the fly


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