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SEI CMMI Level 5 Process Compliance
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eX-DATA is an ETL and data warehousing tool that processes the data from multiple data sources of multiple applications and creates the target databases through the ETL (E: Extract, T: Transform, L: Load) process, with robust business rules processing. These target databases are further used for ROLAP and MOLAP reporting.
eX-DATA supports the RDBMS, viz., MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle and File Systems, viz., Flat Files, XMLs, MS Excel as source. After taking the relevant data across multiple and heterogeneous data sources, the system cross validates them with the Business Rules (configurable) in the Transformation process. Then the system loads the desired data, duly transformed through the transformation process in the user defined data structures.
Business Features

   Supports data extraction from multiple data sources of multiple applications


   Supports all DBMS and RDBMS data sources along with XML, Flat Files, MS Excel, etc.


   Customizable and configurable transformation


   Supports simultaneous hosting of business rules


   Facilitates processing of business rules for data extracted from multiple and heterogeneous

    data sources


   Provision to define user defined business rules during the transformation process


   Provision to define the target database to facilitate the loading process

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